Information Technology
Tailored reporting
Real time data at the touch of a button

Information Technology

TWT has invested heavily in both IT software and hardware and have selected Mandata to be our long-term partner.

Manpack3 is the third generation of an evolving software management package, linking all aspects of the business, facilitating an easy integration between supplier and customer providing real-time viewing of data across the supply chain. This is achieved and delivered by the provision of a secure area on the company's website for each unique customer.

It enables the company to search, analyse, display and report on every vehicle's movement at the touch of a button, whether the consignments being handled are a single pallet, a groupage shipment or a full load.

The system will also provide a vast range of customer reports, which can be tailored to each customers' needs and contribute to the effective management of their business. The following are just a few of the facilities available.

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